Let’s smoke CBD and talk about why it may be better overall for your health, well being. I will be informing you of the health benefits of CBD in case you weren’t aware, and comparing it to traditional cannabis. We will discuss CBD oil, vaping vs smoking CBD hemp flower, and much more! Check out my playlist below for more Smoke and Chills featuring this wonderful plant medicine, and comment below any other video topics you’d like to see on this channel!

00:00 Introduction + Disclaimer
1:32 Where I got this joint from + Strain
2:58 What are the Health Benefits of CBD?
4:00 How Should you take CBD?
4:18 Which CBD oil do I recommend?
5:55 Facts you want to know about CBD + THC
6:50 Why Do I prefer CBD Hemp Flower over THC weed

CBD SMOKE & CHILLS + FACTS AND OTHER INFORMATION: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4LZ99vQP2lMkEoB15iE8AbtKGM4hjxDA

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