Top – 5 high THC & full of terpenes strains by Herbies

The cannabis seeds industry has long lived in the shadows, but now it’s growing into the big and
perfectly legal business it deserves to be. We want to look at some of the most popular strains
from the biggest seedbanks across the globe, starting today with Herbies Seeds

-5 Auto Xtreme
We start our countdown with Auto Xtreme, an autoflowering Sativa that was bred as a large and
massively productive cultivar. It can reach a height of 5 feet, even indoors, and produce up to 500
grams per square meter, or 1.6 ounces per square foot. Besides an amazing performance, Auto
Xtreme boasts 22 to 26 percent THC that produces an insanely potent cerebral high – electrifying
and ecstatic.

-4 Lemon AK Auto
The next plant on our list is also an autoflowering Sativa and one of the best for potency and taste.
Lemon AK Auto combines a zesty citric aroma with an uplifting high that makes you motivated,
focused, and happy. This is the typical daytime smoke to medicate yourself throughout the day, so
you’ll need quite a lot of it. Luckily, this weed is very high-yielding, especially outdoors where you
can harvest as much as 300 grams, or 10.5 ounces, per plant.

-3 Acapulco Gold
This tropical Sativa has been around for decades and always a bestseller. Acapulco Gold turned
out to be a perfect indoor plant – not too tall and very short-flowering for such an exotic variety.
Smokers can’t get enough of its exquisite flavor of coffee, wood, and lemon, as well as its effects
that are euphoric and energetic and make you feel like you walk on clouds. It’s like a trip to a
tropical paradise that you can enjoy any day and the whole day long.

-2 Grandmommy Purple
If you thought that the previous items on our list were strong, wait till you meet the top two.
Grandmommy Purple is a stoney, sleep-inducing Indica that you should only smoke late at night.
The potency of these buds ranges from 28 to 33 percent. No wonder even long-time smokers
approach them with caution, and we strongly advise newbies against taking more than a tiny toke.
What a waste if you think about this weed’s productivity – more than half a kilogram per plant
outdoors and as much per square meter indoors!

1- Apple Betty
Another Indica dominant hybrid and another potency champion, Apple Betty features the same 28
to 33 percent THC that will make your body completely motionless for hours. At the same time,
your head will be filled with heavy-handed euphoria with a psychedelic twist. The funny thing is that
potency isn’t even this weed’s strongest suit. Smokers value it the most for its one-of-a-kind
terpene profile – fresh green apples with notes of chocolate and cinnamon.

This concludes our top list of Herbies most-trending marijuana strains of 2022 , let us know in the
comments if you’ve tried any of the above, and of course don’t forget that you can find them all
online at Herbies Seeds.