I am a massive fan of facial oils.

Recently I had the opportunity to try juicy chemistry organic hemp seed oil here in Australia. I have heard so much about their products @Juicychemistry from my friends in India. I had a few active acnes on my cheeks when I started using it. I used it for 3-4 weeks, mostly in my morning routine, my face is super puffy in the morning, so I use this to de-puff and just massage to drain my lymphatic nodes. I was really hopefully it does aggravate my active pimples. Here are the things I love about the oil :

1. The redness on acnes has reduced and it hasn’t led to new acnes.

2. My skin feels more supple and the texture has improved.
3. I think a good facial oil also helps even out your skin.

Hemp oil has peculiar smell, some people are okay with it and some aren’t. But honestly, if it improves my skin I am okay with it :).

Here is the link to their website they have such great products and options and I am glad they are in Australia too :

Juicy chemistry Website : https://www.juicychemistry.com.au/collections/oils
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