This webinar from May 14, 2020, spotlights new research on phytocannabinoid at MIT and Harvard. In 2019, Charles R. Broderick ’99, SM ’99 made gifts totaling $9M to MIT and Harvard to study the effects of cannabis on the brain and behavior. His gifts represent the largest philanthropic investment toward independent research on the science of cannabinoids on record.

The Broderick Fund for Phytocannabinoid Research is supporting research in several brain research labs across MIT and Harvard, including that of Professors John Gabrieli PhD ’87 and Bruce Bean. In this forum, Broderick, Gabrieli and Bean will discuss the need for fundamental research on cannabis to inform evidence-based clinical guidelines and societal policies and some of the current research projects underway.

Moderator: Victoria Gonin, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, MIT Alumni Association

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