Hi my name is Jeff McKenna and welcome. I’m going to be telling

you about CBD oil and where you can buy CBD oil. Myself I belong to a company

called My Daily Choice, and they offer a product from a company named Hempworx.

The CBD oil that they they sell comes in two different types.

One contains THC and one does not. The one that has THC has less than 0.3%,

So it’s nothing that’s going to cause you to experience any drug related feelings or emotions.

It is just an original type hemp oil. Now for those of you that are worried that THC

could be a concern for employment or if you have to take a random drug test for

your job then the broad spectrum CBD oil would be the one that you would want to use.

The broad spectrum Cbd oil has the same benefits as the full-spectrum CBD oil and the

same cost.

So now where can we get this CBD oil, well I’m glad you asked. The company I’m

involved with has 3 options….

1) Retail Customer which means you just buy the product
2) Prefered Customer which means you actually would get a website that you could purchase
the product from and then share with others enabling you to eventually get the products free
3) Affiliate which gives you the ability to not only get the products free but also earn a substantial
income from commission’s on many different levels.

I will discuss more about the compensations in another video, believe me that it’s worth it there’s a

lot to learn, how much product you sell, bringing in other affiliates, a loyalty program that over time

gives you a return based on your sales, so there’s many different possibilities and as an affiliate

of course you would be able to get your product free once you start signing up other affiliates and

making sales.

I’m an affiliate and using the product. Right now I’m trying the 500 mg full spectrum CBD oil (with THC).

I also have the watermelon mint and the strawberry guava, and you can get a lemon lime flavor as well.

I’m excited to see where this company will bring me.

Right now there’s no better time to get involved. We could all use something to supplement our income,

especially at this time when a lot of people are nervous and don’t know how their current job situation is going to

turn out over the next few months.

So here’s an option, sell CBD oil online and make a little money, put some money in the bank and get

the benefits of the product.

So below you’ll see a link to a website where you can get more information on how to purchase

CBD oil and how to become an affiliate if interested.

Thanks for you time today and stayed ready for more info where I’ll share another product and more about the opportunity

for getting involved with My Daily Choice,

Thanks again and have a great day:

Jeffrey Mckenna