In this video we will talk about the best types of cbd currently, so if you are thinking of starting using cbd-based products you are in the right video, as in addition we will show you how you can find the ideal cbd for your specific case, recommend watching until the end to know everything about the cbd before selecting the best type for you.

Currently cbd products are available in 3 forms: Full spectrum Cbd, as the name says, this type of cbd concentrates all cannabis components, including a small part of Thc, but is a very small amount, Almost the tiniest of effects that will make you tall.

Knowing that in the market within each category of these there are numerous products based on cbd, can be found in several different versions such as oil, gums, chocolates, creams and other infinities of products that can add benefits to your health.

Hey, guys, what’s up? I am Amelia creator of the channel Whats is cbd and in today’s video will be covered another theme on cbd, so today’s topic is:

Best cbd 2022 – What is the best type of cbd? cbd oil or cbd gummies? How to choose best cbd to use

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Welcome ! My name is Amelia, I am a pharmacist, mother, wife and I created this channel to show everyone how I got rid of chronic anxiety using cbd, after many years using prescription drugs by doctors and without the results I would like, finally I got rid of the anxiety with the use of cannabinoids after many resistances on my part for having prejudices and thinking that it would not work, then on this channel I will share all my knowledge and experiences I have had using cbd as a treatment that freed me from chronic anxiety.

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